02 November 2007

Apartment Therapy at Design Within Reach - Soho

Last night, Maxwell, the founder of Apartment Therapy, had invited me to introduce the Urbanatics concept at thier monthly Meet-up at DWR in Soho, where I was honored to present my concept store for independent designers. First of all thank you for the warm reception and the tough questions that were welcomed by Urbanatics! Here at Urbanatics, we believe in the independent designer and the individuals who appreciate them as works of iconic art. We are looking forward to creating a new market of connecting artisians with people who connect tangible objects with stories and experiences as are forefathers have generations before. It is an exciting time with the new technology to bring local and international experiences into our home and our lives. An enomous thanks to independent designers who believe in creating objects that will transend generations, who create for the sole purpose of enhancing one individuals experience. Thank you again for the enthusiasm for linking true artisians to those who envelope the desire to live in a world full of intimate connections to thier objects of desire.

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