30 April 2008

Because it's "el conejo's" duty to inspire you all independent designers out there....here have some Sarah Illenberger for breakfast. You see for me, in love matters first comes the gut, then the heart kicks in, and finally after a while, the brain makes it's entrance!

29 April 2008

The Sofa Mast installation by Berlin based design firm llot llov inspires me very much. The concept of improvisation, bringing the Thai aesthetic street language into the interior of a clothing boutique is brilliant! Reminds me a lot of Mexico City's cable landscape....
Also a few images of some other awesome pieces by these great designers, the knitted light object called Matt, made for being moved and played with, there is no heat emission through the use of an environmentally friendly energy saving bulb!, and the Ray, a lamp which has the capability to follow its owner on his/her activity. The cable on this lamp is prolonged by 12 meters, thus enabling the Ray to become a lying, hanging or atmospheric lamp. 

25 April 2008

The Cantor Roof Garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY has become the stage for artist Jeff Koon's latest sculpture show. A toy ballon dog, a chocolate valentine's heart wrapped in foil and a silhouette of Piglet from the story "Winnie the Pooh" are part of this exhibit.Maan, Jeff....I don't know about these pieces, but I will always love you for the HUGE rabbit ballon at last year's Thanksgiving parade in NY. You know I have a tender spot for rabbits....

24 April 2008

Wow, this is what I call good swedish team work! Camilla Engman's illustrations meet Karin Eriksson's ceramics to produce beautiful plates, platters, bowls and mugs in a series called Mr Black and Mme Ochre.

22 April 2008


URBANATICS will be exhibiting some of our great designers at our ICFF booth from the 17 until the 20th of May at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City!! We are very excited about this and hope to meet some of you out there!!

Mexican designer Hector Esrawe designed these pieces for Nouvel Studio, the first one is called the "monja" (nun) water decanter, the second image shows the "curas" (priests) glasses. Both designs are an excellent merge between mexican aesthetic references brought to life in a 21st century way. 

21 April 2008

Two of my favorite pictures by cuban photographer Abelardo Morell

19 April 2008

The Spanish brand nanimarquina, better known for their rug collection, has collaborated with Renske Papavione in this piece called "potten" made from layers of colored fabrics sewn together and dipped in white latex.

Rightly names for their appearance, Anthony Kleinepier's "Dickies" are lounge beanbags made from polypropylene laminated with polyester and nylon with styrofoam filling. 

17 April 2008

munire kirmaci

At URBANATICS we love Munire Kirmaci's "Salty" made of stainless steel and rubber plugs. Mmmm, loving the picture too...nice color pallete...

15 April 2008

studio dan golden

I just received these beautiful images of the new wall paper designs by studio dan golden. Soon to be in production. You may know them from our website we carry their witty and unique rug designs. I know when I like something a lot, I get this tingling feeling inside.

Awesome collaboration with Fritz-Hansen and beautiful fashions all the way from Japan. How do I love Mina Perhonen let me count the ways.....UUU I would love to dress like this....sitting in that chair, sipping tea...or a latte

14 April 2008

"Clay Furniture" by dutch designer Maarten Baas, made of synthetic clay with metal skeleton to reinforce the structure, modeled by hand making each piece unique.

13 April 2008

"Knit Chair" made from arcraft plywood and rope by mexican designer Emiliano Godoy and produced by Pirwi.

11 April 2008

Amazing puppetry as part of the Met's production of "Satyagraha", Philip Glass's 1979 opera about Mohandas K. Gandhi's years in South Africa. The giant puppets are created from newspaper, fiberglass kite poles, light cotton and latex glue.

09 April 2008

Classic Question

Inspired by modernist design, architecture, historical and cultural symbolism these great works by Mexican artist Edgar Orlaineta employed classic designed chairs like the Bertoia, Eames Lounge, Butterfly and Thonet and transformed them into sculptural forms, freeing them from their functionality and aesthetic status to become hybrid forms where modernist ideal and cultural perspective merge.