29 May 2008

Box of Clouds by Kim Laughton. For use on days with uninteresting skies. A photo viewer keyring dismembered and put in a tin. The button in the middle turns it on and off. Hold it up to a light source to see the clouds.

28 May 2008

Browsing around Behance.net this morning I found Cristina Grosan's amazing photography. Love the color compositions. 

27 May 2008


Levi van Veluw's photo series are self-portraits, drawn and photographed by himself: a one-man-process. 

22 May 2008

The last day at ICFF, Omarcito who had been working non stop at the URBANATICS booth, decided to take a stroll around the exhibit area, he started by playing a soccer game with the spanish designers at the RS booth, after he got tired he found the Vermelha chair by the Campana Brothers to be a cool place to relax, the PXL lamp by Zero caught his eye for a while only to finish playing at the flexible Potten by Nanimarquina an awesome discovery! 

URBANATICS independent designers at ICFF

Here are some pictures of our experience at ICFF, we had a BLAST!! A big thank you to all who were involved directly with the URBANATICS booth, Dan Golden and Ford Lininger from dan golden studio, Joey Roth and Munire Kirmaci. Lana and El Conejo thank you and we'll see you soon!!

19 May 2008

Omarcito tried out the Placentero Chair today by Argentine designer Batti, for Brion design. He found it so comfortable and pleasurable, he almost fell asleep! 

18 May 2008

Did I ever tell you about "Omarcito"?, he is a Czechoslovakian (born) Mexican rabbit that loves design, today he decided to try out Nani Marquina's beautiful collaboration with Tord Boontje, "Little Field of Flowers", and Jaime Hayon's red chair for BD Showtime Collection.   

11 May 2008

Color contrasting illustrations by Finnish illustrator Hanna Konola.

09 May 2008

We all need  superheroes from time to time. The Met in NY city has organized and exhibit called Superheroes Fashion and Fantasy. Great costumes, shiny and sleek and silvery, some in red and blue, masked or unmasked they are all meant to make the person inside feel powerful and confident. 

08 May 2008

These are three of my favorite pictures form the American West series by Finnish born American photographer Aarno Minkkinen. Guess where he is in the third picture...

06 May 2008

Design Week Party at Rubin Chapelle - Equilateral 08:01


On May 18th, 2008, URBANATICS will be co-sponsoring a party for the IDSA.NYC during design week in the Meatpacking District called Equilateral 08:01, which is the first in a series of collaborative events with internationally renowned fashion label RUBIN CHAPELLE and lighting expert J.F. Ahlim. Rubin Chapelle will feature a one of a kind gallery environment where three creative forces - product design, fashion, and lighting - intersect, reflecting the Meatpacking District's multi-disciplinary allure.

What: Equilateral 08:01 Opening Cocktail

When: Sunday, May 18th: 7-9pm

Where: 410 West 14th Street between 9th and 10th Ave in the Meatpaking District

Please join us and we look forward to seeing all of you there!

04 May 2008

Last week I visited the "Ciudadela Market" in Mexico City....I was looking for these masks...for a secret project. Anyway they remind me of my childhood, they made tons of them back then, now you have to search for them they are made out of paper mache and hand painted, apparently they are not as popular as the "wooden" ones. So here I present the bear, the parrot, the woolf and THE RABBIT!!

In 1931-32 Alvar Aalto designed this chair called "Hallway chair 403". I know it's a classic but doesn't the birch legs, the moulded plywood in the seat and back and those fantastic laquered colors just make you want to go back to the basics. Black, white, orange, and my favorite yellow and greenish grey!

03 May 2008

Jacket Pillows

The "Jacket Pillows" are the newest pieces by Mexican designer Ximena "El conejo" Orozco for her own brand xacinto y antonia. Made from 100% wool felt, these hand made pillow covers are intended to be "unbottoned" or "unziped" to make cleaning easier and why not? sexier. They will be exhibited under the URBANATICS booth at the ICFF this May.